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Marana Forni

A simple idea, that revolutionized the pizza world!

In 1992 Ferdinando Marana, as a true pizza lover and thus regular visitor of pizzerias, inspired by the movements of pizza makers, invented and patented the first rotating deck brick oven, and shortly after the possibility of lifting the cooking surface.
Today Marana Forni is present in over 80 countries around the world with thousands of installed ovens, becoming a landmark for many pizza chefs and the most sold in the world.

We produce a wide range of static and rotating ovens, from the most authentic Neapolitan tradition to the latest innovations in terms of technology and design.
Our reputation and awards are the results of our commitment to not compromise on material quality and services.

Our ovens are UL, CSA and NSF certified and can be assembled on-site.



SUNMIX is a world-leading manufacturer of spiral mixers in the wide sector of white art. 
A historical company from Vicenza territory, which had been producing spiral mixers for more than forty years, whose main goal is the production of high quality and functionality Made in Italy equipment.
The current range of our mixers includes models from 6 kg to 300 kg of dough,
including different solutions suitable for many sectors such as: domestic, artisanal
laboratories, pizzeria, bakery, and industry.
To Sunmix the keywords are innovation and versatility, as improving stands for


High quality and reliable, 100% made in Italy. SUNMIX is exclusively distributed by PIZZA GOODS in the United States.



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