Pizzagoods is the Marana professional ovens and Sunmix mixers exclusive distributor in the USA.


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The Company founder, Ferdinando Marana, is the inventor of the first Rotoforno SU&GIU rotating deck brick oven, a real revolution in the pizza world, since 1992. Today his brand is present in the U.S.A and over 85 countries around the world with thousands of installed ovens, becoming a landmark for many pizza chefs and the most sold worldwide. Innovation and Aesthetics are words that define Marana Forni.


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Sunmix is an Italian company that designs and manufactures high quality and functional spiral mixers. The range of models, from 8.5 qt up to 323 qt, offers a solution for any situation: domestic, artisan laboratory, pizzeria, bakery, industry. Its advanced mechanics and digital technology combined with its exclusive design makes its mixers unique in the world.



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