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ZENO Series

Alfa professional ovens

Cutting-edge technology and Italian craftsmanship
give life to the Zeno Serie: professional electric pizza
ovens capable of matching the performance of
Neapolitan wood-burning ovens with maximum
energy efficiency and without any flue restrictions.


Created to cook pizzas without compromises

The Zeno Serie professional electric pizza ovens reach up to 932 F° in 90 min., allowing pizza makers to churn out various types of pizzas with impeccable results.

Regardless whether it’s a classic Neapolitan pizza, a Roman pizza, by the slice, contemporary, American or gourmet, every pizza will consistently be cooked to perfection.

The Zeno Serie’s technical features are designed to achieve excellence, combining exceptional performance with minimal energy expenditure.

The special high-density refractory tiles are capable of retaining the heat in the cooking chamber more than any other material on the market, while the resistances distributed within the ceiling and floor allow for a modular and precise control.

High energy efficiency is also guaranteed by the triple insulation and the removable insulated door.

The independent control of the ceiling and floor and the flexibility to use various customizable cooking programmes make the Zeno Serie ovens particularly versatile and functional.

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Every detail of the Alfa professional electric pizza ovens is created to optimize consumption, costs and work management.

Compact and highly efficient, they avoid having to stock up on wood or hooking up to a gas network.

Furthermore, thanks to the simple and intuitive digital control of the temperature, they do not need continuous monitoring by the pizza maker.

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The professional electric pizza oven that is compact, available in the top version or with a dedicated base.

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Ideal for pizzerias with high work rates that need a reliable tool that is energy-efficient.

Touch Screen Control – for an advanced cooking experience

Alfa has studied a technology for its professional electric pizza ovens that combines maximum practicality of use .

The 5-inch screen ensures full control of the oven, from adjusting the temperatures to detecting and independently managing the power of the ceiling and floor.

The commands offer a quick and intuitive navigation that allows, with a simple touch, to:

  • Instantly detect temperatures;

  • Program the turning on of the oven;

  • Set the cooking timer;

  • Customize programmes.

The Alfa Touch Screen Control makes work in the kitchen easier and allows the pizza maker to set the cooking parameters with the utmost precision so that the recipe can be easily replicated, thus enjoying an efficient and advanced cooking experience.

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It does not require masonry work and is immediately ready to cook Neapolitan and contemporary pizzas to perfection.

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The intuitive and essential interface allows full control of the oven and heat management in the various zones.

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Technology, optimized Alfa design and triple insulation guarantee concrete energy savings without sacrificing high cooking performance.



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