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QUICK Series

Alfa professional ovens

The Quick Series of professional pizza ovens
combine extraordinary performance and a small size.
Compact, easy to install and easy to move around, they offer
the same productivity as traditional ovens, but require minimum space.

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Lightweight, quick and easy to install professional pizza ovens

Thanks to their various sizes and 3 fuelling methods, wood, gas or hybrid, the Quick Series professional pizza ovens are capable of meeting the needs of multiple catering activities.

Food trucks, small shops and bistros that want to add pizzas to their menu, or pizzerias with a high hourly production, can find the most suitable solution for their spaces and production needs with the Quick Series.

Alfa professional pizza ovens are immediately ready for use. They do not require masonry works and are so small that they can fit through standard doors found in normal premises.

Once the ideal location has been chosen, the Quick pizza ovens are immediately ready to be used.

In just a few minutes they reach up to 932 F, allowing pizza makers to cook tasty Neapolitan and contemporary pizzas, both quickly and evenly, combining performance and productivity thanks to the refractory top, which is 2" inches thick.

The Quick Series stands out for not only for its low consumption, but also its low operating costs. In particular, the gas-powered models are such that staff do not to have to continuously check the oven, thus allowing them to dedicate valuable time to other tasks.

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3 types of fuel to
choose from

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Lightweight and compact, it is a professional pizza oven ideal for use in food trucks, small shops and gluten-free shops.

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Impeccable performance and low weight make Quick 4 Pizzas perfect for fast food restaurants, catering services and bistros that want to include pizzas in their menu.

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Maximum productivity and high performance make this professional oven the best ally for pizzerias and restaurants with many seats.

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It does not require masonry work and is immediately ready to cook Neapolitan and contemporary pizzas to perfection.

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The intuitive and essential interface allows full control of the oven and heat management in the various zones.

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A convenient and practical digital thermometer enables a quick view of the temperature inside the cooking chamber and an even more precise handling of the oven.



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