Marana Forni has a variety of choices in sizes and designs that can fill any ambient with elegance and functionality.


Available in 7 vibrant colours of finished brushed metal or 2000 colours of the RAL chart. Chose the colour and style that best fits your ambient.

Available for ovens sizes 85-95-110-120-130


Designed by the Architect Andrea Tanganelli, this oven can be ideally positioned in the center of pizzerias and restaurants as a kind of hearth and a symbol of conviviality.

Tanganelli design is a combination of beauty, elegance and functionality.

 Available in sizes 110-130.


Beauty and style, GEA is the rotary oven with a 60" cooking surface characterized by high production capacity complete with a modern and original structure. With its innovative industrial style, GEA oven can be hung from the ceiling or placed on the ground in support.

Available in size 150


TROFEO works perfectly for who is looking for a compact oven but with high performance and quality. Trofeo is the innovative technological oven, with an attractive cover resembling the shape of a trophy.

Wood-fired compact perfection in sizes 85.