The rotary oven par excellence.

Quick service, cooking quality, ease to use. The rotating deck allows you to cook pizzas without manual intervention, you just have to take them out when you hear the beep.

Rotoforno Classico oven is the key to high production for your pizzeria. Ease to use and operate, this oven will become soon a perfect allied and your best workmate.

The oven that works as a pizza baker: The chef focuses on the quality of his work, while the rotating oven takes care of turning the pizzas. The Rotoforno works as a self-sufficient baker who notifies the chef when pizzas are ready, creating a continuous and linear work cycle.

SERVICE SPEED: Key concept, elimination of downtime. The rotating oven facilitates the pizza chef's tasks and simplifies the work. Therefore, during hours of intense service, Rotoforno leads to serve customers faster with a significant reduction in waiting times.

COOKING QUALITY: The heat is distributed evenly inside the chamber. Thanks to the rotation, the cooking is always uniform, avoiding raw or burnt edges. All Rotoforno models are equipped with systems to keep the hob constantly hot.

AVAILABLE IN SIZE: 85, 95, 110, 130, 150.

AVAILABLE IN COMBUSTION: wood, gas, combined


The cooking deck that goes Up&Down.

SU&GIU maintains the characteristics of the Rotoforno Classico, with the implementation of the cooking deck lift, which brings many advantages:

FLEXIBILITY: SU&GIU cooking system works with the simple physical principle that in the oven chamber the higher you go the higher the temperature will be. By this system you will get flexibility in cooking and energy saving. you will always have 3 different temperature cooking levels available at the same time, this allows to cook different styles of pizza in the same oven.  

FUEL SAVING: It always cooks at the ideal temperature thanks to the SU&GIU liftable rotating surface, which can rise towards the dome to reach the heat. Therefore, you can keep the oven at low temperatures during downtime.

RESILIENCE: Rotoforno SU&GIU in addition to the continuous deck heating system, as TURBO WOOD & TURBO GAS, has an extra feature to heat the cooking deck, the lifting of the deck up to the dome, which immersed in a red-hot hood of about 1100°F and surrounded by flames will,  in a matter of seconds, recover the heat needed to have the oven performing as at the beginning of the service.

AVAILABLE IN SIZE: 95, 110, 130, 150.

AVAILABLE IN COMBUSTION: wood, gas, combined.


Perfect cooking in just one round.

Easy, fast, intelligent. This rotating oven cooks pizzas in a single turn of the hob, in total autonomy. Just put it in the oven and take it out, Genius does the rest.

ANYONE IS A PIZZAIOLO: Anyone can cook a pizza to perfection. While Genius is cooking, the pizza chef has to do nothing but churn out the pizza that is ready and put the new one in its place, and so on. It is a continuous and linear work cycle, particularly suitable for Fast casual concept pizzerias.


- Cooking time

- Oven temperature

- Flame High

Genius automatically manages these three algorithms, previously preset according to your type of pizza, and allows baking in just one turn of the hob.

Genius always knows what to do to give the maximum result, with the least possible consumption of gas or wood. More and more franchises around the world are choosing Genius.

PRODUCTION OPTIMIZATION: thanks to its management in automatic mode, Genius has a very high and constant production capacity. This cooking system is suitable for pizzerias that have an intense work schedule. Throughout the day the pizzas will be constantly the same, and cooked to perfection, regardless of the operator's skills.

AVAILABLE IN SIZE: 110, 130, 150.




TurboWood is an additional space created under the hob of the wood-fired pizza oven. 

The embers are used as a real source of additional heat, WITHOUT ADDITIONAL COSTS. In this way, the plate remains warmer with less wood. 

The ashes fall into a separate drawer helping the pizza chef to keep the hob of the pizza oven cleaner.


Turbo Gas is a burner placed under the cooking surface that optimises heating and maximises gas yield in the pizza oven, thereby reducing costs.

An essential feature for the rotating ovens, Turbo Gas maintains constant the temperature of the cooking deck during the production process.

Exploit gas heating for a pizza oven intelligently.  


The special micro-perforated cooking surface allows pizzas to expel cooking moisture and deposit excess flour, for a better, more fragrant result, avoiding the bitter taste of burned surplus flour attached to the dough. 

The high-density construction material allows better heat accumulation and superior thermal "flywheel" effect.