FROM 1992



Do you believe in innovation at the service of tradition?

Fast service, cooking quality, ease to use. Rotoforno allows you to cook your pizzas without turning or monitoring them. The heat inside the cooking chamber is distributed homogeneously and kept in automatic mode by the oven itself.

Available in wood, gas, or combined combustion, the rotary oven guarantees consistency regardless the operator's skills.

Can't resist the charm of the ancient art of Neapolitan pizza?

This oven is the result of the intense collaboration and experimentation that Marana Forni shared with the Neapolitan pizza chefs. A bland of Neapolitan experience and the artisan technology of the company has resulted in an unique tool, certified by the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana both for wood and gas combustion. 

Vesuvius lava stone is present in the exclusive mix of materials used for the construction of the oven.

Do you think appearance matters?

Marana offers a wide ranger of attractive design solutions, in order to make the oven no longer a hidden object in the kitchen but the real heart of the pizzeria.

Your oven will be the decor's showpiece, as well as cooking terrific pizzas, it will be your number 1 marketing weapon.

Various design styles can be adapted to any atmosphere, from the traditional Neapolitan dome, to the Tanganelli's elegance, ending with the aggressive and futuristic Gea.


We just need a 28 inches entrance to bring the oven in and built on-site. We install it in a day.